‘Dangerous’ Tory budget will axe more services and staff

Leader of the Opposition Labour Group on Suffolk County Council, Cllr Sarah Adams, has condemned the Conservative administration’s budget proposals as ‘dangerous’ after it was revealed that the council will be cutting £11m of services to the people of Suffolk.

The proposals are to be debated at the Scrutiny Committee next week on the 22nd November.

Cllr Adams said; “We have known for a while that the Tories were struggling to find services to cut and this a desperate opening salvo in an attempt to deliver a budget. There are so many vagaries presented that it will be almost impossible for the Scrutiny Committee to get to the heart of what this means. It’s clear that there is nothing left for them to cut when they will be consulting on stopping the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, road sign cleaning and turning the lights out on bus stops.

“These budget proposals are really desperate stuff, but worse than that it is a dangerous budget that will leave people more exposed to accident and injury. These cuts will leave roads more dangerous, children’s safeguarding will be removed, and the last remnants of youth services will be axed.

“The really shocking thing is that the brunt of these cuts will hit County Council staff with £3m of planned redundancies. How are we going to deliver any services with no staff? We will be asking less people to do much, much more. With this Tory administration people will pay more and get less.

“This is a budget proposal that throws in the towel on public services in Suffolk. What we need is an achievable alternative to this dangerous budget, something only a Labour Council could deliver.”

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