Tories fail to hold a single meeting on period poverty before removing all funding from a proposal aiming to tackle the issue

It has been exposed that the Conservatives leading Suffolk County Council failed to hold a single meeting on period poverty prior to a council meeting at which they removed all funding from a Labour motion which aimed to tackle the issue.

In a Freedom of Information response, Suffolk County Council confirmed that the Leader of the Council and members of his cabinet, did not meet with a single young person or expert regarding period poverty prior to the County Council meeting on the 18th October.

Despite this, the Tories produced a wrecking amendment mid-meeting, removing the money to tackle the issue and producing a succession of spurious reasons for doing so.

Cllr Helen Armitage, Opposition Spokesperson for Health and Adult Care, said: “I think this speaks volumes about the Tories currently leading Suffolk County Council.

“The co-operation and collaboration that was promised by Cllr Hicks when he became leader is already seen as a bad joke just six months on. Every day the Tories play party politics is a day lost in trying to tackle the immense challenges faced by people in our county, including period poverty.

“By not bothering to meet a single young person or expert on this issue prior to the meeting shows that they do not care about period poverty or its effects but are simply more interested in bringing down proposals from opposition parties, whatever their merits.

“Yes, they have shown disrespect and disdain towards their fellow councillors but they have also shown contempt for the girls and young women who suffer each and every month due to period poverty.

“I hope they will now apologise to those girls and young women and contemplate how they behave in the future.”

The statement that the council will run a full audit of services came just three hours before the Freedom of Information response was sent.

It is not the first time that the Conservatives have sought to take credit for Labour proposals. Earlier this year, they announced an increase in funding for nurseries and pre-schools, just weeks after rejecting a Labour motion calling for better support for Suffolk providers.

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