Suffolk County Council ignores its own report into a Sudbury bypass

It was revealed today that Suffolk County Council chose to ignore its own report into a Sudbury bypass, plans for which were shelved last month.

Cllr Jack Owen, Labour Spokesperson for Highways, Transport and Rural Issues has said that this will decision will subject the town to ‘another 40 years of traffic misery‘.

“Once again the Tory run council has got it wrong. It is astonishing that they seem intent on avoiding taking decisions that will resolve the traffic issues in Sudbury.

“They have commissioned a helpful report that identifies that the best solutions for our town. This report says that either a short western or southern bypass were the two options that would alleviate the traffic problems in Sudbury and would fulfil the criteria that the county council set themselves.

“These two options give the best strategic and commercial solutions to solve the fundamental problem of too much traffic in Sudbury town centre.

“So, what do the council decide to do? They are proposing to tinker with junctions, something their own report admits will do nothing to decrease the amount of traffic. I am baffled by the logic.

“The people of Sudbury deserve some proper answers as to why Suffolk County Council has chosen to ignore its own report and subject our town to more congestion for decades to come.”

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