Local government left high and dry as Tories refuse to fill funding gaps

Cllr Sarah Adams, Leader of the Labour Group on Suffolk County Council, has criticised the Local Government Financial Settlement announced today, saying that the government are ‘still refusing to fill huge funding gaps’ meaning that local councils and their residents will continue to suffer from the impact of austerity.

Cllr Adams, said: “The Local Government Financial Settlement had already been delayed for a week whilst the Tories indulged themselves in a vote of no confidence in their own leader. This has stopped local councils from planning their budgets which continue to be hit by Tory austerity.

“Unsurprisingly, the wait has not been worth it with the government still refusing to fill huge funding gaps, once again pushing an unsustainable burden onto local councils and their residents.

“Local councils deliver many of our front line public services such as education, children’s services, adult care, roads and transport but this settlement does nothing to ensure the long term viability of any of these services.

“To add insult to injury, Suffolk County Council will receive less than Norfolk and Essex as part of the Winter Pressures Grant and the Adult Social Care Support Grant, both of which are used to alleviate pressure on our public services.

“This funding settlement paves the way for an above inflation rise in council tax and proves that, with the Conservatives, Suffolk taxpayers will continue to pay more, but get less.”

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