Labour calls for CAB cuts to be reversed

The Leader of the Labour Group on Suffolk County Council has called on the Tory leadership to drop their controversial plans to cut funding to Suffolk’s Citizen’s Advice Bureaux.

Cllr Sarah Adams has said that a £1.6million windfall given to the council in the Local Government Financial Settlement should be used to secure the CABs’ future given the invaluable contribution they make to Suffolk.

Cllr Adams, said; “The Local Government Financial Settlement goes nowhere near filling the huge funding gaps that exist in local government and we know that Suffolk residents will continue to suffer from ongoing Tory austerity.

“However, the unexpected one-off payment of £1.6million will sustain the CAB’s current level of funding so I am urging the Conservative-administration to see sense and reverse their damaging cuts.

“We know that our CABs contribute far more than they cost, both economically and socially, and to lose this invaluable service would be a hammer blow to communities across Suffolk.

“I hope that the Tories are not too proud to admit that they’ve made a mistake, will listen to people from across the political spectrum in Suffolk and commit to safeguarding the CABs’ funding.”

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