“No wonder trust in Suffolk County Council has completely eroded” – Tories press ahead with plans to cut CAB funding

The Leader of the Labour Group on Suffolk County Council has condemned the Tory administration following their announcement that funding for the Citizens Advice Bureaux is to be removed.

Papers released for the Cabinet meeting on the 29th January confirmed that the plan to cut over £400k from the CAB still form part of the Council budget plans, despite huge opposition from residents across Suffolk.

Politicians from all parties have also voiced concerns over the planned cuts to the most vulnerable in Suffolk, but the out-of-touch Tories on the county council have refused to listen.

Suffolk Labour Leader, Cllr Sarah Adams said; “The Tories have got their priorities all wrong. The £8 million that they wasted on the Upper Orwell Crossings could have funded the CAB for at least 20 years.

“They clearly do not value or understand the work the CAB do to support residents in Suffolk – it really is a lifeline for many people and the Tories seem content to take this lifeline away. It is a fact that every pound invested in the CAB creates at least £4 in return.

“The Conservatives like to think they are the party of economic competence, but the truth is that successive budgets championing ideology over reality have led us to this point.

“Just last summer, Cllr Hicks was ushered in as leader promising to listen and collaborate, but he has ignored local councillors and residents on this issue.

“No wonder trust in Suffolk County Council has completely eroded.”

The plans will be discussed at the Cabinet meeting on the 29th January and we hope that many members of the public will come along to let their feelings be known.


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