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Suffolk County Council unanimously backs Autism support motion

A motion to investigate how the council can improve diagnostics and support for those suffering with Autism/ ADHD spectrum disorders has been unanimously passed at the Suffolk County Council meeting on 7th December 2017.

The motion called on the County Council to refresh its autism strategy and explore ways of improving the diagnosis times for those suffering from the condition as well as providing more support for those who need it.

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Punitive cuts to care ‘make no sense’

Labour Shadow Spokesperson for Adult Care, Cllr Sarah Adams has called on the Conservative administration on Suffolk County Council to think again over the punitive cuts of £12m to the Adult and Community care budget that will be presented to the Council’s Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 23rd November.

Budget Scrutiny papers show that the bulk of the Council’s cuts next year will fall on care purchasing. This means that older people will undoubtedly be left to fend for themselves in their old age as the council looks to ‘mitigate care purchasing demand increases’, or in plain English cut services for older people.

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Labour calls for protection for care workers

Labour councillors on Suffolk County Council today called on the Conservative administration to change their procurement processes to ensure that any company who forces employees to waive their rights under the Working Time Regulations will not be given county council contracts.
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Response to home care procurement

Dear Suffolk County Councillors,

With regard to commissioning for Home Care Services in Suffolk it is vital that specialist services currently providing care are able to continue to bid to do so. If the tendering process is done geographically as currently proposed, rather than by provider specialisation, then most of the charities currently providing the services will not be able to compete as it will be against their charitable purposes. We believe that yet again some of the huge multinationals (generics) will bid to run all of the proposed 33 geographic areas for profit. Experience tells us the wages needed to provide good care will be undercut yet again and experienced and qualified staff will leave the sector – see SERCO handling of Suffolk Community Health Care. If lower wages are paid the quality of care declines, if the best staff leave the quality of care will decline and as we all know continuity of care is hugely important.
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Labour call for care home scrutiny

Figures unearthed by the Labour Group on Suffolk County Council have identified truly shocking failures in levels of care across the county.

Freedom of Information requests to the CQC have identified that there are a number of homes with more complaints than Fairfields House which was closed earlier this year due to a number of serious failings.

Investigations have also identified that as well as serious concerns about Mildenhall Lodge, The Dell in Lowestoft is also under an enforcement notice from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Further to this there are 38 other homes across the county that have not met the appropriate standards.

Labour Councillors are calling on the Health Scrutiny Committee to investigate this situation as a matter of urgency.

David Ellesmere, Labour Leader on Ipswich Borough Council said; “The figures we have unearthed are deeply worrying and point to a much bigger problem in Suffolk than the current publicity about one or two homes would suggest”.

Leader of the Labour Group on Suffolk County Council, Sandy Martin said; “People should be able to rely on their elderly relatives being safe if they are in the care system. There are serious doubts about whether this is the case in Suffolk”.

Sarah Adams, Labour spokesperson for Health and Social Care said; “Health Scrutiny now needs to show its teeth to hold care home providers to account. We need to ensure that appropriate levels of care are provided in Suffolk”.