These are your Labour councillors on Suffolk County Council and the division they represent.

Jack Abbott
Division – Bridge
Helen Armitage
Division – Chantry
Kathy Bole
Division – Whitehouse
and Whitton
Kim Clements
Division – Gainsborough
Sandra Gage
Division – Rushmere
Peter Gardiner
Division – Chantry
Mandy Gaylard
Division – St Helen’s
Sandy Martin
Division – St John’s
Jack Owen
Division – Sudbury
Keith Patience
Division – Gunton
Bill Quinton
Division – Priory Heath

The following is the Opposition Spokesperson list:

Group Leader and Transport, Planning and Waste
Cllr Sandra Gage

Deputy Leader and Public Protection
Cllr Peter Gardiner

Economic Development
Cllr Sandy Martin

Education and Skills
Cllr Jack Abbott

Health and Adult Care
Cllr Jack Owen

Childrens Services
Cllr Helen Armitage

Resource Management
Cllr Bill Quinton

Cllr Mandy Gaylard


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