Not enough done for Free School Meals

SCC today admitted they were not doing enough to promote the take up of Free School Meals (FSM) in Suffolk, thereby denying schools in the county access to £5million of funding through the ‘Pupil Premium’ and pupils the start in live they need.

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No support for the visually impaired

Last week the RNIB released shocking figures showing that the number of blind and partially sighted people accessing services from Suffolk County Council had dropped from 1,335 in 2005/6 to just 430 in 2012/13, a 68% drop, leaving many blind and partially sighted people without the care and support to live independent lives.

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Blacklisting summing up

Mr Chairman
Too many construction workers and their families have suffered just because they had concerns over health and safety in one of Britain’s most dangerous industries, or just because they belonged to a trade union.

Blacklisting is a national scandal and the trade unions are determined to stamp out this practice because it ruins lives and has no place in a modern society.
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Blacklisting motion speech

Mr Chairman, for the avoidance of doubt, and because I am sure that some Conservative councillors will seek to indulge in party-political point-scoring, I should tell you that I am a member of the Unite union, and my colleague Cllr Patience is a member of the GMB union. I do not regard this as a prejudicial interest, any more than I regard being a resident of Suffolk as a prejudicial interest, in seeking to ensure that this council does everything it can to uphold the law and fair employment regulations, and protects those working for it – whether directly or through contracts – from abuses in the workplace and from dangerous practices.

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