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West Meadows residents get first chance to buy the site

Labour Councillors were delighted to have ensured a U-turn by the Conservatives on Suffolk County Council after the council approved plans to sell the West Meadows Gypsy and Traveller site to those that live on the site rather than simply to the highest bidder.

Previously Suffolk County Council were just going to put the site up for sale without consulting those that live at West Meadows and without any concrete guarantees that residents would have any say in who bought the site.

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County Council postpones gypsy and traveller site sale

Following a challenge by Labour Councillors on Suffolk County Council the decision over the planned sale of the West Meadows gypsy and traveller site has been postponed until the next Cabinet meeting on the 7th November.

The postponement is an admission that a full consultation with the residents had not taken place and at no stage had the council listened to the concerns of the residents about the planned sale. We can be sure that the gaps in the paper presented to the Cabinet highlighted by the Labour Group were the reason for the decision not to discuss the paper.

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Affordable housing letter

Sir – While there is a shortage of homes that people can afford, tackling this issue will be a priority of the Labour Ipswich Borough Council. Our decision to build new council houses for rent was an easy and obvious one to take. It has long-since been clear to us that ‘the market’ alone doesn’t and cannot meet the need.
And, it seems, now that the message is getting through to others. The warnings of the housing crisis from across the spectrum –from Shelter to the National Housing Federation – have been loud and clear for some time. At last, there is evidence of recognition of the problem on the part of Conservative councillors and councils in other parts of Suffolk (EADT, 30 May).
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