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Drugs gang report recommendations ignored in council budget

Labour councillors on Suffolk County Council have condemned the administration after hearing that there is no money set aside in the budget to implement the recommendations of a report aimed at resolving the County Lines and gang violence issues that have beset Ipswich.

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Library Services return to North-East Ipswich

North-East Ipswich is unique in the town for not having a library in any of its three wards; Rushmere, St.Johns and Bixley. So when the County Council cut its mobile library service in Ipswich in 2013, North-East Ipswich residents lost their fortnightly access to Suffolk Libraries.

Cllr Sandra Gage Rushmere County and Borough Councillor said, “I became aware in early summer this year that ‘pop-up libraries’ were being trialled in three villages in Suffolk, and immediately approached Alison Wheeler and her team at Suffolk Libraries to see how North-East Ipswich could have one. With our new Ipswich Borough Council Ransomes Pavilion literally sitting in the heart of North-East Ipswich in Sidegate Avenue, we now have the perfect venue to offer a one-day-a-week library with activities and sessions for children and adults of all ages.” Continue reading Library Services return to North-East Ipswich

Thank You ‘Save the Ipswich Shuttle Bus’ Campaigners

I would like to give my thanks to all those who signed, got involved with, and followed the efforts of our recent ‘Save Our Ipswich Shuttle’ campaign.

1090 people signed the petition and sent in comments. Many described limited mobility, need to make quick shopping trips, the easiness of jumping on and off, the undoubted friendliness of the drivers and fellow passengers as reasons why they regularly used it. I surveyed both the peak morning and lunch time journeys and found that in peak times 350 to 400 passengers travel from within the town itself on it. Not just to the Public Sector campus, but various places on the route. Lunchtimes between 90 and 150 travels daily into town; I estimated that this could add annually as much as £390,000 to the Ipswich town centre economy.

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Ipswich Shuttle Bus – Labour Councillors Stepping in to Save it

Suffolk County Council announced a month ago that it intended to cut the Free Ipswich Shuttle bus at the end of July. Transferring the funding received from County Council staff car park charges to a trial free Park and Ride fares for County Council staff travelling into Ipswich by car.

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Affordable housing letter

Sir – While there is a shortage of homes that people can afford, tackling this issue will be a priority of the Labour Ipswich Borough Council. Our decision to build new council houses for rent was an easy and obvious one to take. It has long-since been clear to us that ‘the market’ alone doesn’t and cannot meet the need.
And, it seems, now that the message is getting through to others. The warnings of the housing crisis from across the spectrum –from Shelter to the National Housing Federation – have been loud and clear for some time. At last, there is evidence of recognition of the problem on the part of Conservative councillors and councils in other parts of Suffolk (EADT, 30 May).
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Ipswich roads pothole crisis deepens

Labour Party officials have led calls for Suffolk County Council to think again about how they allocate money to improve the state of the roads in Suffolk after it was revealed that almost 10,000 potholes were reported since October 2013.

Concerns have also been raised after it was revealed that the County town will receive only £350,000 of the £3million allocated by the government to repair the roads in Suffolk, a figure that will not cover the current level of need for repairs in Ipswich.

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