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Library Services return to North-East Ipswich

North-East Ipswich is unique in the town for not having a library in any of its three wards; Rushmere, St.Johns and Bixley. So when the County Council cut its mobile library service in Ipswich in 2013, North-East Ipswich residents lost their fortnightly access to Suffolk Libraries.

Cllr Sandra Gage Rushmere County and Borough Councillor said, “I became aware in early summer this year that ‘pop-up libraries’ were being trialled in three villages in Suffolk, and immediately approached Alison Wheeler and her team at Suffolk Libraries to see how North-East Ipswich could have one. With our new Ipswich Borough Council Ransomes Pavilion literally sitting in the heart of North-East Ipswich in Sidegate Avenue, we now have the perfect venue to offer a one-day-a-week library with activities and sessions for children and adults of all ages.” Continue reading Library Services return to North-East Ipswich